A Private Members' Club


A different kind of club

The Telluride Club is an international private social club built on the belief that shared experiences are the best way to form genuine relationships. While typical measures of success are a factor in member selection, they are not the only criteria we consider. First and foremost, we seek out members whose presence and participation contribute to the club as a whole.

The ethos of The Telluride Club is built on three principles that the vast majority of people have dismissed or misunderstood: 1. What makes a club special isn’t a fancy bar or celebrity appearances but the consistent quality of all of its members. 2. While online tools have made us more connected they have also made us more transactional and, paradoxically, have weakened our relationships. As a club built on shared experiences we put face to face relationships first. 3. We believe that for a club to be successful, members should feel that it is an extension of their personal tribe.

Special events

The feature event for the club is The Telluride Club Annual, a winter retreat for our members and 100 invited VIP guests who come in from across the globe.

Our summer retreat is exclusively for club members (no guests) and is designed with unique adrenaline filled activities, such as Zapata Flyboarding.

Throughout the rest of the year, our members enjoy ongoing benefits that make Telluride their second home.


Our history

Originally founded in 2010 as 50Kings, an invitation-only adventure club for technology entrepreneurs and investors, we expanded beyond the tech industry and became The Telluride Club upon establishing a home base in Telluride Colorado.

While our primary events are held in the southwest Colorado area, The Telluride Club was founded as, and continues to be, an international organization with members hailing from around the world.





If you are interested in joining The Telluride Club, complete the application at the link below. Following a review by our membership committee, potential members who we feel would be a positive addition will be interviewed and screened by the club director before a formal invitation is extended.  




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